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* What is a Traceroute command?

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Traceroute command is a network utility with a command-line interface that could be very useful if you need to see the route from your computer to an important destination like a domain or a device (an IP address). It does it with ICMP messages and receiving statistics about each hop.

How to traceroute?

It is easy to find the Traceroute command. It is available on Linux, macOS, Windows (Tracert), iOS, and Android.

When you are setting the TTL on traceroute, it is not time in seconds. It is the limit of hops you would like to wait for the result.

See some of the options on Linux (Traceroute):

  • -p is for the port you want to use.
  • -q set a particular number of packets per hop. By default, it is 3.

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